The Trans Automation Technologies Advantage
Planning and Design

We provide a full service planning, data gathering, solutions analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and serve as your expert resource for planning your production layout and automation systems.  
Automation Experience

Our company leaders have a combined 60+ years’ experience in the design/build of automated systems. Longstanding relationship with Fanuc Robotics and several nationally recognized packaging equipment manufacturers- packing and palletizing is our specialty!  

We build conveyors, pallet dispensers and slip sheet dispensers, robot cell components, product control devices, and complete robot cells in our factory located in Southern California.  
Electrical Controls
Our internal electrical engineering and controls programming capability allows us to integrate every aspect of a custom system for you.  
Installation and Wiring
Our systems are proposed to you with expert installation, supervised by our Field Installation Foreman.  
Control Panels
We provide UL approved control panels to ensure reliability, traceability, and adherence to national standards.  
With hundreds of complete projects and satisfied clients, we have a great reputation for excellent work throughout the United States.  
No Hidden Costs
We are provide well-defined system proposals, all costs included.  
Project Management
A senior project manager will be assigned to manage and supervise every aspect of the project, to assure your satisfaction.  
Customer Service
Our department is staffed to assist our customers with enthusiasm and knowledge.  
We are adept at the permitting process, and can relieve you of that burden and worry.