Modular Plastic Chain Conveyors
Modular plastic chain-based conveyor systems offer flexible layouts and material flow designs. They're used globally with handling and automation technology to transport products around manufacturing facilities.. Plastic conveyor chains offer several advantages over their other belt counterparts, including lower weight, lower power consumption and low to zero maintenance.

Plastic conveyor chains are used in the automotive and electronics industries as well as with furniture, food, beverage, and packaging industries and in the production and conveying of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and chemical products.

Special top coatings can be used to increase friction so that inclines can be included in the conveying path without product slippage. Conversely, a reduction of friction between the belt is achieved by incorporating small rollers in the chain surface. 9Roller top belt) which allows for small parts to accumulate under very low back-pressure.

For smaller goods, chains with 100% gap-free conveying surfaces are available, while perforated or slotted chains allow liquids to drain through the chain.