When changing pallet direction of flow and pallet runner orientation must be preserved, turntables often are found to be a good solution for the application.

Turntables can be provided with a 48" to 60" effective widths, with a capacity of up to 6,000 pounds, and rotation of 90° can be obtained using pneumatic cylinders; and 90°, 180° or continuous rotation is achieved using electric motors.

Standard Specifications:
    90°, 180° or Continuous Rotation Units
    Scalloped Type Roller Chain Guards #10 Ga. and #16 Ga. Drive Chain Guard
    Heavy Duty Channel Supports +/- 3/4” Adjustment
    Enamel painted with yellow safety guards
    Standard Features
    Welded, Structural Steel Frame Construction
    2.5” Diameter x #11 Ga. Rollers with 11/16” Hex Axles
    High Side CDLR Drive Mounting
    30, 45 and 60 FPM Fixed Conveyor Speed
    18” Top of Roller