Robot Cell Supporting Equipment
Pallet Dispensers:
In robotic palletizing applications where product rates are high, and interruption of production runs for even short periods cannot be accepted, fully automatic pallet dispensers are employed to discharge empty pallets directly to the robotic palletizer.

Utilizing powered roller conveyor and lifting devices, TransAutomation Technologies builds automatic pallet dispenser for your application, with capacities of up to 20 pallet per magazine. If your palletizing operation requires the simultaneous use of 3 types of pallets (CHEP, GMA Heat–treated), we can also accommodate you with a multiple magazine dispensers.

Slip Sheet Dispensers:
Slip sheet dispenser to apply corrugated (or other material) sheet directly atop the empty pallet can be helpful in increasing the productivity of a palletizing operation.

Functioning as a Cartesian robot, these devices are low maintenance, streamlined and effective. Trans Automation Technologies will custom build slip sheet dispensers for any application.

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