While robots not long ago were interpreted as being futuristic, they are often misunderstood. While the term robot may have different interpretations, both in physical description and of value to business, in automated factory production robots have been a tried and tested technology for decades.

Accurate, fast, tireless, even robust, robots can be integrated to simplify and enhance your operation quite effectively. Pre-manufactured, state-of-the art devices which can be integrated into a complete facility system. By continuously completing repetitive, strenuous and dangerous tasks, robots can help companies retain profitability by allocating workers to handle jobs which more desirable and suitable for humans.

TransAutomation Technologies typically is asked to integrate robots In manufacturing applied to 3 major functions:
    High-speed Pick and Place
    Case/tray packing

The key to a successful integration is in the details.

A robotics system integrator must be capable of properly analyzing the operational requirement, making the robot work in concert with conveyors, electronic control and custom devices, be able to create proper control of the incoming product, program the robot effectively, create a safety systems, and develop the end of arm tooling (EOAT) to make the robotic operation a success.

TransAutomation Technologies in-house robotic services include:
    Virtual simulation analysis
    Robotic cell design and planning
    Robot programming
    End of arm tool design and construction
    Safety enclosures, interlocks, light curtains, etc
    Visual tracking and vision system programming

The top ten (10) ways that robotics can be helpful to your organization:
    Reducing operational costs
    Improving product quality
    Improving employee work quality
    Increasing production rates (faster)
    Increasing flexibility in manufactured products (multi-tasking)
    Reducing the waste of materials
    Ensuring workplace safety and improving worker health
    Reducing staff turnover and recruitment difficulties
    Reducing energy costs and consumption
    Reducing workspace for large manufacturers

As a national reach company for integrated systems, we provide robotic palletizing southern California, robotic case packing in southern California, and robots southern California, as well as throughout the state, the West, and Nationwide.
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