Electronic Controls and Motor Control Panels
"The backbone of your automated production line"
Robot, PLC and HMI Programming:
TransAutomation Technologies provides complete of programming services for robotics, GUI/HMI graphics packages, middleware and applications with localized controllers. With many years of experience in HMI package installation, customization and commissioning, we provide our clients an easy and efficient means for to accessing and monitoring their systems down to the device level. We utilize popular Allen Bradley software platforms, customized for particular needs, as well as the complete suite of FANUC Robotics handling software.

All of the programming is completed internally, which ensures prompt support, revision, and upgrading. Our controls programming integrates a wide variety of production operations such as case packing, bar code printing and check weighing, in-motion labeling, or palletizing. Our design is customized to for each customer to create ease of use for operators, simplify data communication, and access production and maintenance reports.

Motor Control Panels:
Each of our systems is provided with a centralized Motor Control Panel (MCP), including UL certified panels. As the needs for control panels vary from client to client, every panel is custom built. We purchase from a variety of manufacturers in order to match your needs. We also make use of local distributors’ inventory in order to ensure material availability.

Field Wiring and Field controls:
Complete electrical installation, whether it is for NEMA 1, NEMA 4 or NEMA 12 standards, is a part of our complete services. Our electricians are state licensed and professional.