Return on Investment Calculations
“Does this project make sound financial sense?”
Return on Investment (ROI) has been used to measure the performance and benefits of major capital investments for decades, for everything from process improvement projects to employee training programs. All things considered, ROI (in many variations) has become the most prevalent measure of financial performance used in business.

It is our experience that companies purchase and implement new equipment systems because they are financially sound decisions. While most companies have the capability to make this determination on their own, the experts at TransAutomation Technologies are willing to help shed light on areas that may be overlooked, and help you find ways to make the cost of the system meet with a payback in the appropriate amount of time.

We consider:
    Efficient machinery = Increased output = increased revenue.
    Improved safety = Risk Reduction = Workman’s Compensation claims reduction.
    Finite Automation speeds = balanced production rates = reduced labor peaks and valleys.
    Less manual handling = lower labor cost = lower overhead.
    Smaller workforce = lower staff management costs.
    Equipment purchase - tax advantages.
    Utilities consumption and maintenance vs. manual systems.