Services We Offer
Automation Consulting
"First Things First" and " Begin with the End in Mind"
Return on Investment Calculations
"Does this project make sound financial sense?"
"Need a custom built solution? We'll build if for you"
System Integration
"Many parts does not a system make"
"If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right"
Electronic Controls and Motor Control Panels
"The backbone of your automated production line"
We begin by spending time getting to know you and what your goals and needs are - what is most important for you to achieve. The effort is then taken for a discovery phase of observation, discussions, data gathering so that we truly understand where you are now, what challenges you have and also where you want to go...READ MORE
While most companies have the capability to determine ROI on their own, the experts at TransAutomation Technologies are willing to help shed light on areas that may be overlooked, and help you find ways to make the cost of the system meet with a payback in the appropriate amount of time...READ MORE
One advantage that we offer you is our in-house engineering design and custom manufacturing capability. Unlike most system integrators, TransAutomation Technologies manufactures many of our own components for use in the systems we provide...READ MORE
While the benefits or capabilities of a single piece (or several pieces) of equipment may be your main focus, TransAutomation Technologies will provide a complete system integration plan that serves to match, enhance and capitalize on the best aspects of each functional step in your line process...READ MORE
Our installation crews have total customer satisfaction in mind and our promise is to stay on jobsite until our customer is completely satisfied with our work. Every project is assigned an Installation Foreman and a Project Manager...READ MORE
Robot, PLC and HMI Programming. Motor Control Panels. Field Wiring and Field Controls...READ MORE
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