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Robot Palletizers

Palletizing operations is one of the most exhausting and injury prone functions in a facility. Are your employees lifting heavy cases, bags, or buckets to stack them on a pallet all day and night? Tough work for humans, but one of the most attractive applications for industrial robots is palletizing.

TransAutomation standard robotic palletizers, the “Pallet-Bot” shipped to you ready to use. These Plug-N-Play robotic cells make your new equipment acquisition and start-up simple. With 4 standard models to choose from, and modular options, Pallet-Bots work well in many applications.


✓ Pallet-Bot robotic palletizers are capable of handling multiple case loads of over 120 pounds, and up to 15 cycles per minute.

✓ Designed for most any company’s needs for case, bag or bucket stacking needs, Pallet-Bots are built ready to use when they arrive at your dock Facility.

✓ First, we carefully analyze your production needs, line speeds, pallet patterns, and your Return on Investment goals.

✓ You ship your pallets of product to us for programming the robot cell.

✓ Pallet-Bots are built in modular fashion on a forklift ready base. All conveyors, controls, safety devices are built into the robot cell, and fully tested at our facility. Your team is invited to visit us for a Factory Acceptance Test (F.A.T) to verify the system. Training is also conducted during this visit.

✓ Upon your approval, the system is readied for shipping, typically the next day.

✓ When the Pallet-Bot arrives at your facility, unloading, final set-up, anchoring, and start-up can be completed by your maintenance personal with general mechanical skills.

View Our Standard Robotics

With 3 standard models to choose from, and modular options, Pallet-Bots work well in many applications.

Pallet-Bot PRO

The Pallet-Bot PRO Robotic Palletizer is completely integrated into a self-contained base frame that can be picked up and moved with a forklift.

Pallet-Bot PLUS

The Pallet-Bot PLUS is equipped with a heavy-duty powered pallet conveyor, which discharges full pallets from the robot cell automatically upon completion. The robot picks an empty pallet from the pallet stack and places it on the pallet conveyor.

Pallet-Bot Elite

The Pallet-Bot ELITE offers a variation for pallet and sheet handling which can increase overall production speed. Equipped with a two-tier, heavy-duty pallet conveyor and scissors-lift mounted conveyor, empty pallets are placed on the bottom tier pallet conveyor by forklift.

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