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Robots, Automation and Palletizers for Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

Robotic automation in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals can provide companies with a very economical solution to repetitive, dull and dangerous tasks.

Pharmaceutical  manufacturers typically run their production lines at high rates of speed and on multiple shifts per day, to keep up with demand.

A single robot can fulfill one position for 24-hours per day, thereby offsetting the labor costs of 3 humans per day.

Robots can operate in clean rooms, as there are models which provide the sanitary safety level and IP rating required for clean applications.

High speed robotic cartoning, robotic case-packing, and robotic palletizing are applications which TransAutomation Technologies has provided.

These types of robotic automation helped several pharmaceutical/nutraceutical manufacturers increase productivity, which reducing their demand on human labor and the associated challenges and costs of human labor.