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Why We Chose FANUC Robots for our Robot Palletizing Solutions

When searching for palletizing robots, there are several manufacturers to choose from. After reviewing the pros and cons of the top names, we selected FANUC and are extremely happy with that decision for multiple reasons including robot model selection, speed, versatility, performance, support, and consensus.


Since we need to accommodate a range of palletizing operations, we wanted one manufacturer that could provide different models to suit our various needs. FANUC was an excellent choice for their wide selection with payload options ranging from 77 lb (35 kg) all the way up to 1,543 lb (700 kg). FANUC has developed best-in-class robots purpose-built for maximizing speed while meeting payload, reach, and precision requirements of palletizing, all while maintaining an impressively small footprint.

FANUC also offers collaborative robot models for palletizing operations where the high speed and high payloads available in their high-performance industrial robot arms aren’t required.


When you mention palletizing speed, FANUC is the top name that comes up. Their M-410iC palletizing robot achieves up to 1200 cycles per hour with a 185 kg payload. This 4-axis robot model also has a reach of 3143 mm. Its reach, payload and high performance are impressive.


Why make either-or choices when you don’t have to? When selecting robots to use for palletizing, we wanted to have high speed for maximum production, without having to sacrifice other benefits or over-engineer the process. FANUC excels at designing heavy payload industrial robots. Their recently introduced M-1000iA robot arm offers a 1,000 kg maximum payload with full articulation. For palletizing, FANUC offers the M-410iB with a payload of 700 kg which is more than adequate for most palletizing needs.


Reliability and durability play key roles in determining the total cost of ownership also called, TCO. Increased uptime is invaluable year after year, and FANUC robots can be counted on for high performance. Using trusted equipment means being able to deliver on promises to end customers. With minimal downtime, there’s no need for excuses, delays, and costly overtime or fines.


FANUC products robots are known for industry-leading mean time between failure, which means that they are built to last. However, as with all machinery, reaching the upper end of a robot’s lifespan requires proper care and maintenance. FANUC offers a range of service options, as well as comprehensive support and parts availability.


In some cases, different stakeholders will have a preference for one supplier or another; for example, one manufacturer might make a model with the specifications that the engineers need for the system design, but the maintenance team prefers another company’s products for service and support. With FANUC, there is agreement across the board, from design to implementation to operation that these robots meet production requirements, and are user-and maintenance-friendly.

Investing in the transition to a robotic palletization process can be daunting, but having a reliable manufacturer like FANUC providing a dependable robot, backed by the company’s expertise helps the entire process run more smoothly. Looking back post-implementation, the decision for us to use and to partner with FANUC robots was an excellent choice and we certainly appreciate the local support in California.

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