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Robot Palletizers and the safety advantage/human risk and Injury Reduction

Robots and robot palletizers can reduce the number of injuries associated with lifting heavy objects

Robotics provide several opportunities to improve workplace safety and health. Robots can take the place of employees in potentially hazardous environments.

Robotics can also be used to reduce the need for workers to lift or carry heavy objects. This results in fewer back injuries for employees and significant savings for the employer in health insurance and workers’ compensation costs.
Robots can reduce the risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders

Another way that the use of robotics has helped reduce workplace injuries is in the manufacturing industry. Exoskeleton robots can reduce the need for workers to perform repetitive motion tasks, which often lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Robots can reduce the number of injuries associated with worker fatigue

Yet another advantage of robotic machinery is that they can work for extended periods of time without needing a break. Unlike their human counterparts, a robot’s performance does not decline the longer they remain at work on a daily basis.

This benefit translates into better management of worker fatigue.

Studies show that workers face a greater risk of injury when they are tired, have been working long hours, or at certain times of the day such as just before or after taking a break. Robots effectively reduce the number of injuries that could otherwise be attributed to fatigue.

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